A set of Golden Wedding Bands
To signify your love........
Exchanged on your Wedding Day
Asking God to bless, from above

A round circle that has no end
Representing love...Lasting forever
Through rich, poor sickness and health
A bond you should not sever

A circle of love that holds together
And states you're united as one
Through thick and thin
Rough or stormy weather
What God has joined together
Should never be undone

If you ever get discouraged
Over the vows that you have made
Check the "Foundation" of your marraige
And make sure it was properly laid

For God must always be in it
As he watches from above
This "Miracle"... Your Wedding Day
When he unites you in your love!

Copyright © 1998 Judith Johnson Kypta
Used with permission * All rights reserved

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for use of her poetry.

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~Heavenly Poetry~

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